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Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling

Problems can arise in any relationship. At LWTN we have been providing a service for lesbian, gay and heterosexual couples for over twenty years.

Building a fulfilling life together and maintaining a sense of your own needs and desires, your identity, is a common difficulty leading to pressure in many relationships. In the course of a relationship tensions can also be introduced by factors outside the relationship which add strain. Issues personal to either or both of the couple may become dominant or the relationship may be adversely affected by the dynamic between the individuals.

Societal pressures on lesbian and gay couples add further to the stresses that any couple can encounter.

Many couples will benefit from the experience of time together with a skilled professional who will help them to communicate straightforwardly and honestly, perhaps for the first time, about their issues with their relationship. The presence of a third party, the therapist, can provide the security for previously unknown or taboo thoughts and feelings to be constructively communicated, helping to foster self-knowledge and greater understanding of each partner's strengths and difficulties in their relationship.

Such communication can be a considerable relief allowing deeper intimacy and leading to greater satisfaction in the relationship.

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