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Counselling & Psychotherapy
Why counselling or psychotherapy? Can talking really make such a difference?

These are questions people often ask. It can be hard to imagine how talking will help, perhaps particularly at times when life feels difficult. With twenty years experience in the talking therapies, we know it can be of considerable benefit to talk to a therapist whatever the problem, whether its a current crisis or longstanding difficulties.

We offer a secure, professional, therapeutic relationship in which the issues you want to deal with can be identified, faced and worked through. We offer regular private sessions in which to understand and make sense of thoughts and feelings, and a way to see how patterns of behaviour, some recent, others perhaps more longstanding, impact on your life. We can help you learn to deal with confusing and overwhelming emotions. In the process, therapy provides an opportunity to find choices you may not have realised you have.

We believe counselling and psychotherapy can help you resolve current difficulties, lay the past to rest and get more of what you want out of life.

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